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My Story

At the age of seven Lem got his first guitar, and he hasn't put it down since.  Lem has a heart for Cowboy/Western, and Christian Country music.  As a dedicated Christian his desire is to serve the Lord through the ministry of music and encourage others in their spiritual walk with his story telling songs of the old west, life and adventure.  His style has been described as a cross between the charm of Roy Rogers and the grit of John Wayne. 


His first professional job was playing for the Will Chaney Band which brought his first recording job as lead guitar for "Blue Lonely and You" on a 45 record. Lem helped form a Western Swing band the Fender Benders, and guest performed with Bob Wills' former band member Cotton Roberts. He later helped form his own band "Hard Road" which performed regionally for 30 years. 

His cowboy music began while rangering for the National Park Service.  When he began recording his music, he appeared at the Snow Bowl Stadium and later he was a guest performer at the 10th Western Music Association (WMA) International festival where  three of his original numbers “Cowboy’s Have to Ride Free”,  “Keep My Faith Strong”,  and “Old Cowpuncher”, received rave reviews from fans, seasoned performers, and WMA staff.  He was invited by the Christian Country Music Association to showcase new Christian Country songs, “Run My Race”, “This Town”, and “Just Take It One Day at a Time”, which went to #4 on the national charts in Nashville, TN.

If Lem wasn't rangering he was either singing or punching cattle.  Lem worked the Binkerhoff Ranch out of Tropic, Utah.  He helped out Rancher John Sims in Cedar City, Utah and the Cedar City Long- horn Cattle Company on their annual drives until his move to Arizona. Later Lem moved to Eastern Washington where he helped local ranchers.  His recent songs, "I am A Cowboy" and "Cowboy Blues No. 1", have received a hat tip from the ranching community. 


Lem now resides in the great state of Texas with his wife where he attends a local cowboy church, and continues to perform Cowboy and Christian County Music. 

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